RaaS is a solution developed by Circle Stock to promote sustainability while retaining maximum asset value. Focusing on Juniper, HP, Aruba & Cisco, as products become faulty or at the perceived end of their useful life, it is now possible to release the value within the asset, upgrade or remanufacture & re-use. Great for finances while reducing carbon footprint.

The Remanufacturing Process

The process is performed in our in-house test lab, where skilled engineers take the most outstanding detail to analyse, test & repair devices to rebuild them to like-new quality. Once fully updated to the latest available firmware and OS, they are given a rigorous remanufacture to return to a look-like-new status, including a fresh colour-matched coat of paint if needed.

Your Options

Once the product has completed the remanufacturing process:

  • Return & Re-use – now that the equipment has been fully restored, you can re-deploy.
  • Part-Exchange – we can provide you with an upgrade to a newer or larger device.
  • Buy-out – should you no longer require the device; we may be interested in purchasing the device.

Your Circle Stock Account Manager will be happy to discuss your options & costs in more detail.

Our Commitment

To validate our assurance in remanufacturing process, we provide a full return-to-base 12-month guarantee. We are also available to give technical guidance & support should you want to redeploy your device or part-exchange/upgrade.

The step-by-step Remanufacturing process

We have developed a state-of-the-art service facility designed to remanufacture devices to like new condition, including a full return-to-base 12-month guarantee. We have detailed below the step-by-step process.

Receipt & Booking In

On arrival at our facility, products are unpacked and inspected (high level). Items are labelled, and product details, including serial and, make & model numbers, are recorded on our internal tracking system.

Technical Inspection

The engineer conducts a comprehensive visual inspection. Work required is recorded, including; items that need to be repaired/fitted, software to be updated/reset etc.

Firmware Update & Functional Testing

Firmware is updated, and units are reset to factory settings, ready for a new deployment. Devices are extensively examined with in-house-developed test systems.

Physical Inspection

Once the unit passes the extensive functional tests, the next stage ensures all components work correctly and is in a like-new condition.

Component Test

Internal components such as fans, power supplies and hard drives are tested and cleaned to return to like new condition.

Cosmetic Overhaul

Internal components are ultrasonically cleaned if required to remove any yellowing and dirt build-up. The external casing may be cleaned, panel beaten to remove dents, prepped and filled to remove scratches and then painted to OEM spec colours. (Only if required).

Warehousing & Return

Units are then professionally packaged using green recycled packaging. The recently refurbished product is securely and safely stored in our access-controlled warehouse until it is returned to the customer.