Circle Stock’s RaaS: Sustainable Tech Remanufacturing

Circle Stock introduces RaaS, a groundbreaking solution designed to extend the life of technology assets like Juniper, HP, Aruba, and Cisco equipment. This innovative approach not only maximises asset value but also promotes sustainability by offering a second life to products nearing their perceived end. It’s a financially savvy choice that significantly reduces environmental impact.

Remanufacturing Excellence:

Our specialised in-house lab ensures every device undergoes a meticulous analysis, repair, and testing process by skilled engineers, restoring them to like-new condition. We update devices with the latest firmware and, if necessary, apply a fresh coat of paint for a brand-new look.

Flexible Options for Your Needs:

  • Return & Re-use: Re-deploy fully restored equipment.
  • Part-Exchange: Upgrade to a newer or more advanced model.
  • Buy-out: We may offer to purchase devices no longer needed.

Our team is ready to provide detailed advice on these options, including costs.

Our Guarantee: We stand behind our remanufacturing process with a full 12-month return-to-base guarantee and offer ongoing technical support for redeployment or upgrades.

The Remanufacturing Journey:

  1. Receipt & Inspection: Initial inspection and documentation upon arrival.
  2. Technical Evaluation: Detailed visual inspection and repair planning.
  3. Firmware & Testing: Updating firmware and rigorous functional testing.
  4. Physical & Component Inspection: Ensuring all parts are in perfect working order.
  5. Cosmetic Refresh: Professional cleaning and painting to match original specifications.
  6. Ready for Reuse: Repackaged with eco-friendly materials and stored securely until return.

Choose Circle Stock’s RaaS for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to manage your tech assets, backed by our commitment to quality and sustainability.