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Customisation of virtual server environments with provisioned operating systems can be provided to meet specific requirements. This seamless operation happens with no need to stop, change or adapt voice recordings.

This innovative technology delivers significant cost savings by de-scoping many of the requirements demanded by the SAQ (Self-Assessment questionnaire) by reducing the amount of PCI controls needed during auditing & management on an ongoing basis.

What’s the risk

Non-conforming audits carried out by the QSA (Qualified Security Assessors) can be costly, with potential fines running into millions, with the additional risk of removing merchant services.

If an organisation transacts by payment cards, it is duty-bound to be PCI compliant. Data breaches in the UK have been recently seen to run into millions. The fines would be potentially catastrophic for the business, and the brand damage could be irreparable.


  • Secure, compliant PCI DSS card payments in an email, on a call, via webchat, SMS, social media or instant messaging
  • Uninterrupted agent/call operator interaction & recording
  • Reduce or de-scope in as little as five days
  • Total resilience & assured disaster recovery protection
  • Hands-on support, including a 24/7 help desk

How does PCI affect your business?

Here are the questions…

  • Does your business take card payments, and is it in PCI scope?
  • Do you have to apply strict staff measures to prevent card detail capture?
  • Do you need assistance securing your internal network for PCI-DSS compliance?
  • How do you get card details securely from your payment provider?

Flexible Solution

Secure & Simple. Our solution is in front of the phone system, with no need for additional hardware or a supplier change.

On-site PCI solutions are costly and not flexible. Customers are required to comply with the SAQ-D questionnaire with an expensive QSA provider. A personalised cloud PCI solution could be more flexible, but you’d have to route all calls via their service, and you’ll probably have to pick up call-minute charges and transaction fees.

Extensive Cost Savings

With an annual SAQ-D self-assessment form with over 400 controls needing to be satisfied, our solution provides an SAQ-A, around a much reduced 14 controls. We’ll be on hand to guide you through the process. Here