Cost-Effective, Reliable & Scalable Solutions for all sizes of Businesses

A web appliance for your complete domain

Offering many advantages over on-premise or dedicated hardware, virtual Cloud Servers give much more flexibility. As demand changes, additional resources can be quickly scaled to meet requirements.

Customisation of virtual server environments with provisioned operating systems can be provided to meet specific requirements.

Operating with Cloud PC, cloud-based virtual servers can be accessed anywhere at any time on numerous devices, providing improved user access and reduced cost of expensive on-premise hardware.

How does it work

In our connected world, maintaining your business systems is vital. Having access to massively resilient cloud servers will deliver just that.

Regardless of if you want to run a simple client-facing website or hosting hundreds of users across your network, Cloud Server can be configured to suit your needs.


  • Flexible & scalable – Easily adjust resource allocation to suit your requirements
  • High-performance enterprise hardware
  • Deployed across multiple Robust data centres
  • Enterprise backup for business continuity & recovery
  • 99.9% uptime

What do Cloud Servers do for your business?

  • Give you Control

You have a choice of multiple support levels to provide you with the level of system management that makes you comfortable. Select from a fully managed environment configured to your individual needs, with your choice of the operating system.

  • Professional Support

The Circle Stock cloud platform, from the server hardware to the network, is fully managed, providing you with our 24/7 support coverage as and when needed.

  • Security

Our servers are built with N+2 redundancy across multiple data centres, providing 100% uptime and 99% availability. Servers hosted on our Cloud benefit from high-performing hardware, with automated backups for peace of mind. State-of-the-art security also helps achieve GDPR compliance.