Mobilise your workforce across all your platforms

Hybrid working for today

It is commonplace for people to use multiple devices for work in many locations, from home to the office and on public Wi-Fi. A unified infrastructure enabling access to systems across numerous devices, such as; phones, tablets, laptops & desktops, can drive efficiencies across the business.

Cloud PC enables workers to access applications, email and more across all devices with true mobility and continuity.

How does it work

For the user, it’s a seamless operation. Log into your desktop or laptop, and the files and applications are where you’d expect them to be. What’s different is that they are hosted in the cloud.

We can either build a private environment with your chosen operating system and deploy your applications or use ‘quick start’ Windows shared hosting with standard apps like Microsoft Office.


  • Leading-edge technology Enterprise platforms
  • Robust and redundant Data Centres with built-in redundancy
  • Non-CapEx pricing model – No upfront costs
  • Fully managed by our specialist team.
  • Utilise new or existing hosted email
  • Tailor-made setup within days
  • 99% uptime

What does Cloud PC do for your business?

  • Maintenance & Infrastructure

At Circle Stock, we use the latest technology to update and expand our systems in the background without interrupting your users and your business. Our proactive maintenance removes costs and burdens from your operation.

  • Business Continuity & Mobility

Users can access their data and applications anywhere, anytime, working from home or in a temporary location, in the event of a disaster, providing business continuity. As a fully redundant & high-resistance solution, your business can operate during disasters, such as fires & floods, transport strikes or adverse weather.

  • Applications & Software

Cloud PC, from Circle Stock, enables us to distribute the latest software & applications directly to users’ desktops, reducing time and stress for the IT team and users alike. Regardless it’s a bespoke application or Microsoft© suite, each desktop can be tailored to each user.

  • Centralised & Secure Datastore

Users can be given access to a centralised network drive. Security policies can. Be applied on a case-by-case basis. Using a resilient hyper-converged data store assists with managing versions and protects data stored locally.

  • Cloud Backup & Recovery

Your data is more than likely your business’s most valuable asset. With Circle Stock Cloud backup, your data is securely stored and can be replicated to multiple locations if required. Not only is this a massive peace of mind, but it may also ensure that you legally complaint.