Introduction to RaaS: Sustainable Networking Solutions

In an era where sustainability is imperative, Circle Stock introduces an innovative concept – Refurbishment as a Service (RaaS). This service exemplifies Circle Stock’s commitment to promoting sustainability whilst preserving maximum asset value. RaaS targets major networking brands like Juniper, HP, Arista, and Cisco, breathing new life into their products.

The Lifeline for Networking Products

Upon reaching the end of their perceived usefulness or when faulty, networking products find a new purpose through RaaS. This service transcends mere repairs; it’s a complete approach to upgrading, remanufacturing, and reutilising these products with a warranty. This not only aids in financial savings but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint, aligning with global eco-friendly initiatives.

The Art of Remanufacturing

The remanufacturing process is intricate, conducted in Circle Stock’s state-of-the-art in-house test lab. Here, engineers with exceptional skill meticulously analyse, test, and repair devices to restore them to a condition akin to their original new state. The products are not just repaired but renovated by updating the firmware to the latest available versions.

The Lifeline for Networking Products

During the cosmetic overhaul, the craft employed is nothing short of meticulous. The external casing undergoes detailed treatment — it’s cleaned, panel-beaten to remove dents, prepped, filled to erase scratches, and then painted to match the original manufacturer’s specifications. This painstaking process ensures the product not only functions like new but also aesthetically appears brand new.

Industry-Leading Data Erasure Process

The Data Erasure process is a critical and unique aspect of Circle Stock’s RaaS. It employs an industry-leading, ADISA-certified system to erase all vital data from the networking products. This system ensures the highest level of data security, ensuring licenses are retained so the products remain functional and their value unimpaired. The thoroughness of this process reflects Circle Stock’s commitment to data security and product functionality.

Customised Solutions for Clients

After the remanufacturing process, clients are offered several options:

  1. Return & Re-use: Re-deploy the fully restored equipment into your operations.
  2. Part-Exchange: Upgrade to a newer or more robust device.
  3. Buy-out: Circle Stock may offer to purchase the device if it is no longer needed.

Clients are encouraged to discuss these options with their Circle Stock Account Manager for comprehensive insights into the processes and any costs involved.

Our Pledge of Quality and Support

Circle Stock stands firmly behind its remanufacturing process, offering a full return-to-base 12-month guarantee. This commitment is supported by readily available technical guidance and support (CS-Care & CS-Care+), assisting clients in the redeployment of refurbished, part-exchange or upgraded devices.

The Detailed Remanufacturing Journey

The process commences with the receipt and booking of products, followed by a high-level inspection and data erasure, if required. A technical inspection identifies necessary repairs and updates, leading to firmware updates and functional testing. Each unit undergoes a rigorous physical condition assessment, with internal components tested and cleaned. The cosmetic overhaul is undertaken where required.

Responsible Warehousing and Return

After refurbishment, the products are packaged in eco-friendly materials and stored securely in Circle Stock’s security-controlled warehouse, ready for return to the customer.

Conclusion: RaaS as a Game-Changer

Circle Stock’s RaaS is a testament to sustainable, financially prudent, and technologically advanced practices. By revitalising what was once deemed obsolete, Circle Stock is setting a new sustainability standard in the networking world, leading the way to a more sustainable technological future.


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