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Brand: Juniper

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The PWR-MX480-2520-AC-S is a 2520 Watt AC power supply, specifically designed for Juniper’s MX480 and MX240 3D Universal Edge Routers. This power supply ensures efficient and uninterrupted operations of your Juniper networking equipment.

Its hot-swappable feature enables replacement without needing to shut down the system or disrupt network services, ensuring high network availability and minimized downtime.

Updated Specifications:

  • Power Capacity: 2520 Watt
  • Input Voltage: AC 200-240 V
  • Frequency Required: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Cooling: Built-in fan for active cooling
  • Plug Type: IEC-C20 (compatible with IEC-C19 power cords)
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Juniper MX480 and MX240 3D Universal Edge Routers
  • Features: Hot-swappable design for seamless replacement and minimal downtime
  • Weight: Approximately 6.6 pounds (exact weight can vary based on specific model)

As always, these specifications may vary based on the specific model and configuration. Always refer to the manufacturer’s site or product documentation for the most accurate information. Also, ensure compatibility with your specific network device before making a purchase.