Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S


The Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S offers advanced processing capabilities and 64GB memory, enhancing scalability and reliability in all networks.

Category: Enterprise Router, Routing Engines

Brand: Juniper

Condition: REF

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  • Memory: 64GB
  • CPU: Multi-core processors
  • Storage: SSD
  • Compatibility: Juniper MX Series routers
  • Performance: High throughput and scalability
  • Redundancy: Dual RE support for high availability
  • Interfaces: Multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports


Firstly, the Juniper RE-S-X6-64G-S is a powerful routing engine for Juniper MX Series routers. It offers 64GB of memory, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy work loads. The routing engine features multi-core processors for efficient data handling. Its SSD storage provides fast access to necessary files and data.


The RE-S-X6-64G-S is designed with modularity in mind. This allows for easy upgrades and maintenance. It is compatible with a range of Juniper MX Series routers. This makes it a versatile choice for various network environments. The routing engine delivers high throughput, enhancing network performance with great reliability.


The RE-S-X6-64G-S supports advanced routing protocols. This enhances network scalability and flexibility. Its design includes redundancy features for increased reliability. The routing engine is ideal for large-scale network deployments. It handles complex tasks efficiently, reducing operational bottlenecks and failures.


Juniper’s RE-S-X6-64G-S is a reliable choice for enterprise networks. It provides the necessary power and performance. This routing engine supports future network growth. Its advanced features ensure long-term network stability. The RE-S-X6-64G-S is a key component for robust network management.


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