Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO

Reliable power for your Juniper networking systems with the Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO

Category: Power supplies

Brand: Juniper

Condition: Refurbished

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    Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO

  • Power Output: 650 Watts
  • Power Supply Type: AC
  • Reliability: Built for stable and uninterrupted performance
  • Form Factor: Standard form factor for easy integration
  • Efficiency: High-efficiency design
  • Reliability: Built for stable and uninterrupted performance
  • Dimensions: Length(36.5cm), Width(5.5cm), Height(4cm), Weight(1kg)


The Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO stands as a high point in Juniper’s lineup of power supply units, delivering robust performance and reliability tailored specifically for Juniper networking systems. Designed to meet the demanding power needs of modern network infrastructures, this 650W AC power supply unit offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure uninterrupted operation and optimal performance.


Engineered for efficiency, the JPSU-650W-AC-AFO incorporates advanced design elements to minimize energy consumption and maximize operational efficiency. This not only helps reduce operating costs but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable IT infrastructure.


Reliability is paramount in networking environments, and the JPSU-650W-AC-AFO delivers on this front with robust construction and adherence to stringent quality standards. Built for stability, this power supply unit ensures consistent performance under varying load conditions, helping maintain network uptime and reliability.


The Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO features a standard form factor, making it compatible with a wide range of Juniper networking systems. Whether deployed in enterprise data centers, telecommunications facilities, or service provider networks, this power supply unit seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure with ease.


Overall, the Juniper JPSU-650W-AC-AFO represents a dependable and efficient power supply solution for Juniper networking systems, offering the performance, reliability, and features required to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures.


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