Juniper EX3300-24T


The Juniper EX3300-24T is a reliable Ethernet switch offering 24 ports with Gigabit connectivity. It delivers great performance, scalability, and security features suitable for small to medium-sized networks.

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Brand: juniper

Condition: refurbished

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  1. Ports: 24 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
  2. Performance: Up to 128 Gbps
  3. Switching Capacity: 95 Mpps
  4. VLANs: 4,096
  5. MAC Addresses: 64,000
  6. Power Supply: AC or DC options available
  7. Layer 2 Features: VLAN, Spanning Tree, Link Aggregation
  8. Layer 3 Features: IPv4/IPv6 Routing, OSPF, BGP, VRF
  9. Security: ACLs, MAC Limiting, Port Security
  10. Management: Junos OS, CLI, Web GUI, SNMP, NETCONF
  11. Dimensions: Length(30.5cm), Width(44cm),Height(4.5cm), Weight (4.7kg)


At the heart of the EX3300-24T lies Juniper’s commitment to innovation and quality. Boasting twenty-four 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, this switch provides ample connectivity for various devices, from computers to printers to network-attached storage units. Each port is equipped with auto-sensing capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with a wide array of network components.


Powering the EX3300-24T is Juniper’s Junos operating system, renowned for its stability, security, and feature-richness. Whether it’s advanced Layer 2 switching functionalities or comprehensive Layer 3 routing capabilities.


The Junos empowers administrators to tailor the network to their specific requirements with ease. Furthermore, its modular architecture enables seamless integration with existing network infrastructures, reducing deployment complexities and enhancing operational efficiency.


In addition to its technical prowess, Juniper EX3300-24T excels in terms of security. With integrated features such as MACsec encryption and dynamic port security, it safeguards sensitive data from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and protecting the integrity of the network infrastructure.


Furthermore, the EX3300-24T prioritizes energy efficiency without compromising performance. Leveraging Juniper’s commitment to sustainability, it incorporates advanced power management features that optimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental footprint.


In conclusion, the Juniper EX3300-24T represents a paradigm shift in Ethernet switching, combining cutting-edge technology, scalability, security, and energy efficiency into a single, versatile solution. Whether deployed in small offices, branch locations, or campus networks, it sets the standard for reliability and performance in the modern networking landscape.

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