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Brand: Juniper

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The photos provided is an MX480 with blanks for example



  • 2x SCBE3-MX
  • 2x RE-S-X6-64G
  • 1x MPC7E-MRATE
  •  1x MPC5E-40G10G
  • 4x PWR-MX480-2520-AC
  • 1x FFANTRAY-MX480-HC


Firstly the Juniper CHAS-BP3-MX480-S is a high-performance chassis designed for the MX480 Series routers, offering scalability and reliability for most demanding network environments. With extensive port density and modular design, it supports various line cards and provides advanced features for robust networking solutions in enterprise and service provider deployments.


Next up the SCBE3-MX is a versatile module with very impressive features. It supports various interfaces and protocols, enhancing connectivity options. Its compact size facilitates integration into diverse systems. With robust performance and flexibility, SCBE3-MX stands out as a reliable choice for demanding applications.


Not to forget the MPC7E-MRATE offers high-performance throughput, ideal for most demanding network environments. With advanced features like comprehensive traffic management and quality of service (QoS), it ensures efficient data handling. Its scalability and reliability make it a top choice for businesses needing robust networking solutions.


Lastly, the  MPC5E-40G10G is a line card module manufactured by Juniper Networks, made for use in Juniper’s MX Series routers. It provides high-performance forwarding and advanced services such as MPLS, IPsec, and NAT. With 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, it offers great flexibility and scalability for demanding network environments.



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