A Compact, high-speed 16G fiber module for reliable data transmission.

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Brand: FS

Condition: Refurbished

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  • Model: SFP-16GSR-85
  • Form Factor: SFP
  • Transmission Speed: Up to 16Gbps
  • Manufacturer: FS
  • Reliability: Stable data transmission



The FS SFP-16GSR-85 is a compact, high-speed 16G fiber module for reliable data transmission. It offers seamless connectivity for all applications demanding swift data transfer. Its small form factor fits effortlessly into standard SFP ports, ensuring compatibility with various networking devices.


This module enables transmission speeds of up to 16Gbps, meeting the demands of bandwidth-intensive tasks. The SFP-16GSR-85 ensures stable data transmission, reducing the risk of interruptions or data loss. Fibre Store, the manufacturer, is known for producing top-quality networking components, guaranteeing reliability.


Whether used in enterprise environments, data centers, or telecommunications networks, this module delivers consistent performance. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of networking applications, from high-speed data transfers to critical communications.


Businesses benefit from enhanced network performance and efficiency with the SFP-16GSR-85. Its robust construction and advanced technology ensure long-term durability and reliability. Network administrators can trust this module to maintain faultless connectivity, even in demanding environments.


With its reliable performance and compact design, the FS SFP-16GSR-85 is a valuable asset in modern networking infrastructure. It empowers organizations to meet the ever-increasing demands for high-speed data transmission.


Furthermore, whether used in large-scale deployments or smaller networks, this module delivers consistent results. Fibre Store’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the FS SFP-16GSR-85 design and performance. Invest in this transceiver to optimize your network’s performance and reliability, ensuring seamless operations.


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