Cisco QSFP-40G-SR-BD


The Cisco transceiver enables 40G connections via multimode fiber, optimizing network speed and reliability for enhanced performance.

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Brand: Cisco

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  • Connectivity: 40G
  • Fiber Type: Multimode
  • Interface: QSFP+
  • Reach: Up to 100 meters over OM3 multimode fiber
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Compatibility: Cisco switches



The Cisco QSFP-40G-SR-BD module provides high-speed 40G connectivity. It’s designed for use with multimode fiber networks. With its QSFP+ interface, it ensures faultless compatibility with Cisco switches and networking equipment. The transceiver operates at a wavelength of 850nm. This enables data transmission over distances of up to 100 meters.


Its small form factor facilitates easy installation. This enhances network flexibility and scalability. The QSFP-40G-SR-BD module is ideal for data centers, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing environments. It enables efficient data transfer and reduces latency. With its great and reliable performance, it meets the demands of modern networking applications.


The Cisco optic is engineered for reliability and durability. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance under various workloads. This makes it a trusted choice for mission-critical network deployments. Whether it’s for backbone connections or server-to-switch links, the QSFP-40G-SR-BD excels. Its plug-and-play design simplifies network expansion and upgrades.


Furthermore, Organizations can quickly deploy the module to meet growing bandwidth requirements. Moreover, its compatibility with existing infrastructure minimizes deployment complexities. This helps reduce costs and streamline network operations. The QSFP-40G-SR-BD module adheres to industry standards for high quality and performance.


Lastly. it delivers high-speed connectivity without compromising reliability. This makes it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their network infrastructure. In summary, the Cisco QSFP-40G-SR-BD module offers a robust solution for high-speed networking needs.

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