The SRX210-RMK is a rack mounting kit designed for the Juniper Networks SRX210 Services Gateway. It allows the SRX210 device to be securely mounted in a standard 19-inch networking rack, providing a neat and organized installation for data center or network deployments.


The SRX210-RMK is specifically designed to fit the Juniper SRX210 Services Gateway, a compact and feature-rich security appliance suitable for small to medium-sized networks. The rack mounting kit includes all necessary hardware and brackets required to securely mount the SRX210 device in a standard EIA-310-D compliant 19-inch rack.

By using the SRX210-RMK, network administrators can easily integrate the SRX210 Services Gateway into their existing rack infrastructure, saving valuable space and ensuring a tidy networking setup. Rack mounting also helps with proper cable management and provides easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Product Name: SRX210-RMK
  • Compatibility: Juniper SRX210 Services Gateway
  • Rack Size: Fits standard 19-inch EIA-310-D compliant racks
  • Installation: Easy installation with included hardware and brackets

Please note that the specifications of the SRX210-RMK are straightforward, as it is a basic rack mounting kit designed to fit the SRX210 Services Gateway. For specific installation instructions and compatibility, it’s recommended to refer to Juniper’s official documentation or contact their support for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The SRX210-RMK offers a convenient solution to securely mount the Juniper SRX210 Services Gateway in standard networking racks, ensuring a professional and organized setup for small to medium-sized network deployments.

Juniper Networks SRX210 Rack Mount Bracket

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