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The Juniper FPD-SFF-PTX is a Field-Programmable Device (FPD) module designed for the PTX series routers from Juniper Networks. It provides enhanced flexibility and functionality by allowing firmware updates and customization of certain hardware components.


The FPD-SFF-PTX module is designed to be compatible with Juniper’s PTX series routers. It is part of the FPD infrastructure that enables software updates and configurations for specific hardware components within the router.

This module allows for field-programmability, meaning it can receive firmware updates and configurations without the need for physical hardware replacements. It provides an efficient way to enhance the capabilities and performance of certain hardware elements in the PTX series routers.


  • Product Name: FPD-SFF-PTX
  • Compatibility: Juniper PTX series routers
  • Functionality: Field-programmable module for firmware updates and customization of hardware components
  • Weight: Varies based on the specific model

Please note that the exact specifications and capabilities of the FPD-SFF-PTX module may vary based on the specific model and firmware version. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend referring to the official documentation provided by Juniper Networks or contacting their support directly.