Fan tray for MX-series MX240 (FFANTRAY-MX240-S)

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Brand: Juniper

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The Juniper FFANTRAY-MX240-S is a fan tray module designed for the Juniper MX240 router. It provides efficient cooling and airflow management to ensure optimal performance and reliability of the router.


The FFANTRAY-MX240-S fan tray module is specifically designed to fit into the Juniper MX240 router. It is responsible for cooling the router’s internal components, such as the routing and switching modules, power supplies, and other critical elements. By maintaining proper airflow, it helps prevent overheating and ensures the router operates within its recommended temperature range.

This fan tray module is hot-swappable, meaning it can be replaced or inserted while the router is operational without causing any disruption to network services. It is designed for easy installation and removal, facilitating convenient maintenance and upgrades.


  • Product Name: FFANTRAY-MX240-S
  • Compatibility: Juniper MX240 router
  • Hot-Swappable: Yes
  • Redundancy: Multiple fan tray modules can be installed for redundancy
  • Weight: Varies based on the specific model

Please note that the specifications of the FFANTRAY-MX240-S module may vary based on the specific model and configuration. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend referring to the official documentation provided by Juniper Networks or contacting their support directly.