The Juniper EX-RMK2 Rack Mount Kit is a reliable and durable hardware accessory designed for mounting Juniper EX series Ethernet switches. It provides a secure mounting solution that can help streamline your network infrastructure setup.


The EX-RMK2 Rack Mount Kit is an essential hardware accessory compatible with Juniper’s EX series Ethernet switches. This kit offers a stable and reliable method for installing your Juniper switches in standard 19-inch racks, ensuring that your equipment is securely housed, facilitating optimal network performance.

Please note, this offer includes the rack mount kit ONLY. It does not come with the switch or any other components.

The EX-RMK is designed for easy installation and provides a neat, organized appearance to your network setup. It helps to promote efficient use of rack space and makes your networking environment more manageable.


  • Type: Rack Mount Kit
  • Compatibility: Juniper’s EX series Ethernet switches
  • Rack Size: Standard 19-inch racks
  • Material: Durable metal construction

The Juniper EX-RMK2 Rack Mount Kit is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a secure, reliable, and organized solution for mounting their Juniper EX series Ethernet switches. It is an investment that contributes to a clean, efficient, and high-performance network environment.

As always, specifications may vary based on the specific model and configuration. Please refer to the manufacturer’s site or product documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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