Juniper 1200W AC Power Supply

Category: Power supplies

Brand: Juniper

Condition: REF

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The Juniper EX4500-PWR1-AC-FBB is a powerful AC power supply designed for Juniper’s EX4500 Ethernet Switches. It provides a high level of performance and reliability, making it an essential part of your network infrastructure.


The EX4500-PWR1-AC-FBB is an AC power supply that supports the EX4500 Ethernet Switch series from Juniper. This front-to-back airflow power supply is designed to meet the high power demands of networking environments, ensuring your network devices are always functioning optimally.

Please note, this offer includes the power supply unit ONLY, which means it does not come with the chassis or any other components.

This power supply is specifically designed to provide redundancy and resiliency in various network configurations. It ensures a consistent and reliable power source for your Juniper EX4500 series switch, promoting network uptime and business continuity.


  • Power Supply Type: AC power supply
  • Compatibility: Juniper’s EX4500 Ethernet Switches
  • Airflow Direction: Front-to-back
  • Redundancy: Can be used in a redundant power supply configuration
  • Management: Managed through Juniper Junos OS
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

The Juniper EX4500-PWR1-AC-FBB is an ideal choice for businesses looking to ensure a reliable, uninterrupted power source for their Juniper EX4500 series Ethernet switches. It’s an investment in consistent and robust network performance.

As always, specifications can vary based on the specific model and configuration. Always refer to the manufacturer’s site or product documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information.